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From Cravings to Control: Reasons to Never Give Up on Giving Up Alcohol

Once you’ve made the decision to give up alcohol, you may find that it’s harder to enact a non-drinking lifestyle than you thought it would be. This isn’t a good reason to quit quitting. Many people learned to control their cravings with few relatively small changes in their daily conduct.

Try a few new foods

Would it surprise you to learn that certain foods are known to help reduce cravings for alcohol? It’s true. Go for complex carbs such as whole grain bread and pasta, whole oats, and legumes. When you drink, your physiology adjusts to using simple carbohydrates for fuel. When you stop drinking, your body may ‘miss’ those quick alcohol carbs. Reduce or even eliminate those natural detox cravings when you eat foods that take longer to turn into the glucose your muscles need to move, say nutrition experts at San Francisco Gate.

Sunflower seeds and bananas have a remarkable ability to lessen alcohol cravings in many people. When you drink, your brain’s natural dopamine levels tend to decrease. For this reason, some people overdrink to feel good. If this sounds like you, eating bananas and sunflower seeds may help you beat your cravings and boost your mood. Broccoli, beans, leafy greens, and oranges deliver a healthful burst of vitamin B that may help you overcome your urge to imbibe, says Elements of Behavioral Health magazine. A daily diet full of nutrient rich, plant-based foods may also serve to replace vitamins lost to drinking while improving your immune system and shielding your liver from further harm.

Know your drinking triggers

Once you recognize the situations that make you care to drink, you can better avoid them. If backyard barbecues inspire you to overindulge in beer, go to the movies, instead. If you typically stop at a bar on your way home from work, take a different route home while singing at the top of your lungs. You may get a few funny looks from other drivers, but your will to stop drinking may strengthen considerably. Just because you have to stay away from parties now doesn’t mean you won’t someday have all the willpower you need to avoid alcohol consumption in social situations.

Novel ideas that have worked for other people

Build a personal base of support and never hesitate to call a friend when you’re tempted to break open a brewski or twist open a bottle. 12-step groups are helpful to many, but may not be equally effective for everybody. Self-hypnosis is another useful technique that works remarkably well for some who seek help giving up alcohol.

If drinking is harming your health or wrecking your life, giving it up may be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Don’t give up on giving up. Not every booze-busting technique we’ve described works for everyone. Try one and see it if works for you. If it does, great. If not, try another until you find one or more tricks that prove to be effective.