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4 medical conditions that could affect your driving license

If your health has worsened since you passed your driving test then it could affect your fitness to drive and even your license. Some medical conditions have no impact on your ability to control a vehicle but others can be dangerous for both you, your passengers and other road users. Below are some of the illnesses that could affect your license.

1. Epilepsy

If you have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy then it could affect your license. It is likely to be revoked if you suffer from regular seizures. However, if your condition is under control and you haven’t had a seizure that affects your consciousness for a while then you may be able to drive again. The rules vary from state to state on this matter so it is worth checking with an attorney in advance before getting behind the wheel again.

2. Mental disorder

If you suffer with a mental disorder then your medical examiner might advise you not to drive. Of course mental illness is a very broad term and can vary from mild anxiety and stress to severe mental disorders like Schizophreniaand depression. Before you get behind the wheel consult your physician and check the current legislation for the state(s) you will be driving in. If you drive for a living then it is important to inform your employee if you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder especially if it could affect your driving in any way.

3. Drug or alcohol addiction and misuse

If you are suffering withdrug or alcohol addiction then your driving license will probably be revoked or suspended to protect you and other road users. If criminal charges are involved sometimes the judge will suspend your license but this varies depending on the circumstances. If you have an addiction that is not under control then it is likely that you will drive while under the influence. Even if you are not aware that the drugs or alcohol are still in your system, you will still be a danger to others and yourself and therefore liable.

4. Liability of sudden attacks of fainting or giddiness

Your health can deteriorate at any time, sometimes with no warning so if you find yourself suffering with vertigo, fainting or giddiness attacks then it could seriously impact your ability to drive safely. As such, some people might have their license suspended or revoked depending on the severity and frequency of the attacks. This varies on a case by case and state by state basis so if in any doubt check with your physician and, if necessary, a knowledgeable attorney.

The laws on driving with a medical condition vary depending on individual circumstances and the state but if you have any doubt about your condition then it is important to seek medical or legal advice before getting behind the wheel again. Even some prescribed medication can hinder your awareness and driving ability so always be vigilant as it could save lives and prevent you from ending up in court. Driving while unwell, could leave you liable if someone is injured so take care.