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Mistakes people make when trying to lose fat

When people try to lose fat, they make many mistakes. This mistakes prevent them from losing the desired fat from their bodies.


Focusing on the weight scale

Even though you have been sticking to your diet, it seems you are not losing any fat because your body weight is almost the same. However, people forget that the weight scale only talks about the body weight and it is not directly related to the body fat you have. Even when you are losing body fat, your weight may not change much. Your weight is influenced by different factors including the food remaining in your system and the fluid fluctuations. In a day, your weight can fluctuate up to 4 lbs or 1.8 kg. If you have consume more food and liquid, your body weight may go up. Due to hormonal changes in women, they may retain more water which will show higher weight in the weight scale. So, the weight scale is not the perfect major for your body fat loss.

Consuming more sugar

Sugar is the main culprit why you are not losing fat from your body. Even if you have reduced direct sugar consumption, probably sugar is finding its way into your body through another route. If you have reduced soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, and you have replaced them with fruit juice, the fruit juices may also add more sugar to your body. Fruit juices always loaded with sugar and so they may have similar effects like sugar sweetened beverages. And when you are drinking liquid calories, it does not reduce your appetite like solid foods. As a result, you tend to drink more fruit juices thinking that they are helping you to cut back your sugar consumption.

Consuming too many or too few calories

Even though you may feel that you are not eating too many calories but you might consume more calories than you report. People have a tendency to underestimate and under report calories they are consuming. Even though the food you are consuming maybe healthy, they may be very high in calories. To lose fat, you will need to burn more calories than you consume and the amount of calories that you need to burn may be different from other people.

On the other hand, if you consume very few calories, then also you may not be able to lose body fat. If you are consuming less calories than you need, there will be muscle loss and your metabolism will slow down significantly. In that case, you will not be able to use fat because your metabolism is a very important element of your fat loss process.

Eating when you are not hungry

If you keep eating even when you are not hungry because someone advise you to do it that can create problems for your fat loss process. If you keep eating, you are likely to end up with more calories consumed than you need, which will result in more fat and bodyweight.

Not eating enough proteins

Proteins are very important for you when you are trying to lose fat from your body. It can also help you with weight loss. When you consume more protein, it will reduce your appetite, will increase the feeling of fullness and thereby will reduce your calorie intake. It will also help you by increasing your metabolic rate and protecting muscle mass. You need a high protein food in your meals to maximise fat and weight loss. Since protein helps in increasing metabolic rate, it will also help you to burn more calories and thereby lose fat and bodyweight.


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