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Exploring The Enormous Health Complications Linked To Tobacco

Over the years, a large amount of time and energy has been spent carefully researching tobacco. While the big tobacco companies would like you to believe otherwise, tobacco in any form can be enormously dangerous. In fact, smoking cigarettes could eventually lead to cancer, which is arguably the most frightening disease of all. Below, you will learn more about the health complications that have been linked to tobacco. This information may very well encourage you to make a change in your life!

Damages The Respiratory System

As you should already know, you rely on your respiratory system to breathe freely. Could you imagine being held underwater for a prolonged period of time? While it might not be as dramatic or fast acting, smoking cigarettes will eventually drown you. This is the case, because the harmful toxins found in cigarettes can substantially damage your lungs. Eventually, it will get to the point where the lungs are unable to extract those harmful toxins and you’ll find it much more difficult to breathe. This will also greatly increase your likelihood of developing the flu, a common cold, and even infections.

Once you’ve withdrawn from tobacco, your lungs will slowly begin to clear out these harmful chemicals. During the withdrawal process, you may experience respiratory pain.

Hurts The Cardiovascular System

Another thing to remember is that smoking can also hurt your heart and cardiovascular system. The nicotine found in tobacco will actually tighten the blood vessels. In return, this will make it more difficult for the blood to flow through the vessels freely. Ultimately, this could lead to the development of peripheral artery disease. You should also know that smoking will actually decrease your good cholesterol levels, while increasing your blood sugar. And of course, smoking can make you much more susceptible to blood clots. This combination of problems could very well make you a victim of a stroke in the near future. Even worse is the fact that you’re also posing a risk to nonsmokers around you.

With this in mind, you should begin taking steps to break away from your addiction. Switch to nicotine patches or e juice, until you’re able to throw away the cigarettes. Then, you should break free of these habits as well.

Oral Problems

Smoking and dipping tobacco can take a toll on your oral health. If you use tobacco for a long duration, you may begin to develop gum inflammation. At the same time, you will be much more likely to suffer from periodontitis. It is also important to realize that these two health complications can lead to even more severe repercussions. For instance, they may eventually result in tooth decay and loss. If you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible, you should stop smoking.

Finally, you should know that smoking can cause you to develop cancer in your mouth, esophagus, throat, and larynx. Truly, it is in your best interest to put an end to your smoking habit as soon as possible. By doing so, you will be able to improve your oral, digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory health.