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3 Modern Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles


Wrinkles have always been one of the biggest concerns women have as they grow older. The bad news is that the last decade has seen the average age of getting wrinkles coming down significantly. However, there’s good news too. Top skin care clinics have made sure that women, irrespective of their, can see their wrinkles disappearing by undergoing some highly effective cosmetic procedures. The section below would introduce you to three most sought after modern ways of wrinkle reduction.

Botox injections

Botulinum toxin or Botox injections are basically natural, and 100 percent purified form of proteins that help in relaxing the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles. Botox is actually extracted from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum.

Botox is most commonly used for reducing smile lines, frown lines, and forehead lines. Wrinkle reduction is, however, not the only reason the treatment is done. Other common purposes Botox is used for include reduction of excessive sweating, calf contouring, correcting gummy smile, and neckline and jaw-line shaping. According to Cosmos Clinic in Sydney, Botox prices vary
due to the strength of the muscle, the stronger the muscle the higher the amount of anti-wrinkle you need.

You should start seeing the results of the treatment within three to five days of undergoing the treatment. If done by the right person, you can expect the results to last for as many as four months or even more; this time span obviously vary from one individual to the other.

The first Botox treatment was done more than two decades back and to date it hasn’t lost its popularity a bit; this has been possible primarily because the procedure is both effective and safe. For maximum benefits you must get the treatment done by an experienced dermatologist.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are highly effective in reshaping and rejuvenating human face without making the person in question undergo any surgery. When it comes to controlling wrinkles and reverse ageing process, there are few methods that can be as effective as dermalfillers. The active ingredient of dermalfillers is a form of sugar molecule. The 2nd layer of our skin has this sugar molecule in natural form.

The consistencies of these fillers tend to vary depending on the requirements of the patient. The thicker ones are known to be the ones that last for the longest span of time. They are mostly used for contouring hands, nose, chin, and cheeks. The thinner fillers, on the other hand, are mostly used for removing the fine lines and crow’s feet. The longevity of dermal fillers is truly impressive; you can expect them to last for six months to two years.

The dermatologist would take around 20 to 30 minutes for completing the treatment. The treatment is safe, but you might experience mild side effects like swelling, tenderness, bruising, and redness during the first week following the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP

If you want to remove the wrinkles on your skin while enhancing your skin elasticity and texture, you should undergo this anti-wrinkle treatment. PRP is particularly great for removing the wrinkles appearing under our eyes. The process involves use of the patient’s own plasma. This injected plasma helps in stimulating collagen production, which automatically improves skin elasticity and makes the skin appear more glowing. Appearance of wrinkles also diminishes visibly.

Image source: Cosmos Clinic via Instagram