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Birth injuries and medical negligence explored

Considering the sensitive nature of giving birth, it’s hardly surprising to read that this is a field which is dominated by medical negligence cases.

On the vast majority of cases patients will be treated in completely acceptable fashion, with doctors and nurses regularly going beyond the call of duty.

However, there are occasions where disaster can strike in this field – and that’s the reason why companies like The Medical Negligence Experts are proving to be so popular nowadays. More and more claims are being filed – with the NHS now having to scrap together billions of pounds each and every year to fund all of the cases that are coming their way.

The nature of giving birth, and all of the different circumstances around it, mean that the scope for claims is gigantic. We’ll now take a look at some of the most common birth issues that tend to be at the center of medical negligence claims

The incorrect use of forceps

This first issue should hardly come as a surprise. To say that forceps are one of the more controversial items used in delivery suites would be an understatement. They well and truly split opinion and some expecting mothers are completely against them and won’t entertain them being used on their baby.

It’s perhaps these strong views which make the incorrect use of forceps a common subject for a negligence claim. They generally leave marks on a baby’s body at the best of times, so in some cases it’s perhaps not surprising to hear that the damage can be longer-lasting due to human error.

Ultrasound mistakes

Another area which can be a common cause of claims revolves ultrasounds. While these tend to occur long before the birth itself, the fact that the ultrasound can provide so much crucial information at an early age on a baby means that they are pivotal in their development.

Ultimately, if an ultrasound is not interpreted properly, or acted on appropriately, it can prompt complications. If a radiologist decides to schedule further tests they can resolve problems before they are exasperated. As such, if interventions such as this are not made, it means that the hospital can be subjected to a claim.

Damage during a caesarean

It’s one of the more complex birth procedures around so it should go without saying that there are all sorts of complications that can occur with a caesarean.

Unfortunately, one of the common issues surrounds damaging organs. The nature of the procedure means that the bladder is one of the main ones which can be damaged – with the extent varying on a case by case basis.

Generally, human error is to blame for damage to surrounding organs. As such, this is another issue which is blighted by medical negligence claims.

Delayed intervention

In truth, this last issue we’re going to talk about could affect a whole range of procedures. However, from a general point of view, delayed intervention during the birth period is something that can result in a whole host of problems that result in a medical negligence claim.

Some of these will affect the mother, while others will impact the baby who is in distress. Regardless, if there’s a delay and it causes a subsequent complication, there is the possibility of a claim on the horizon.