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How to prevent shoulder pain and injury

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The following tips will help you to stay injury free even when you are performing different types of shoulder exercises.


Strengthen external rotators

If you look at shoulder injuries, one of the most common injury is a subacromial impingement. When you have this, you will feel pain during internal rotation. As a result, you won't be able to do even simple things like throwing a ball. If you strengthen your external rotators, it will reduce the chance of shoulder impingement and so pain. There are different types of exercises which will help you to strengthen the external rotators.

Be careful with your upright row

Subacromial impingement can also be caused by improper upright row. Upright row is very effective and safe as an exercise in shoulder building, but you need to understand the necessity of a safe range and good form. While doing an upright row, your elbows should not go beyond your shoulder height. You also should be careful with the form.

Avoid specific lateral raises

You should avoid lateral raises above 90 degrees. If you do lateral raises too high, it may result in subacromial impingement. That's why, even though your instructor may instruct you to raise it above 90°, to ear level, you probably should not do it. A simple caution can help you to avoid possible pain and suffering.

Stand tall

Standing up straight and erect has its benefits. It not only makes you look taller, but it also helps you with long-term shoulder health. If you performing any shoulder workouts, ensure to make good posture. Keep your shoulders stable throughout the exercise so as to reduce the possible risk of injury.

Elbow position

If you performing a dumbbell military press or behind the neck pulldown, it is a good idea not to bend your elbows 90 degrees. Otherwise, you may suffer from anterior instability. This is a condition that can cause posterior tightness and other shoulder injuries and they can be serious than impingement syndrome. Instead of a 90° angle, you can always do shoulder presses with a neutral grip in which your elbows are pointed towards the mirror. You can also go for let pulldown is in front of the neck to reduce the possible risk of injury.

Stretch well

If you want to keep your mobility intact, stretching is very much important for you. Stretching you will also help you to avoid any possible shoulder injury during and after any workout. Stretching becomes more important after exercising. During exercises, when you use a muscle, it contracts and shortens and so, after a workout, you may lose your mobility for some time. Stretching can help you to get your mobility back and at the same time prevent any injury. Stretching and warming up are very important before you start any workout.

Slow down

Eccentric muscle action are also called as negatives and they can help in building better and bigger muscles. Eccentric training is likely to offer a greater anabolic response, which is very important for recovery and repair. So, while lowering the weights you can slow down to increase strength, size and stability. It will decrease the possible risk of injury to your shoulders.

It is seen that most of the injury and pain of shoulder are associated with bad form, rather than any specific exercise. That is why it is important to learn the exercises correctly and then follow them accordingly. You should also ensure that your body and shoulders are stable when you are performing different types of shoulder exercises.



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