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General use and care of make-up brushes



Find out what you need

When you go make-up brush shopping, you will have hundreds of choices but you don't need all of them and you don't need as many as you think. There are different sizes and types of brushes are available for make-up artists. But at home, you don't need all of them. You just need six different types of brushes- foundation/concealer, blush, powder, contour, crease, blending and angle.

Buy the right brush

Once you know what type of brush you need, you can narrow down the choices you have. Even then you have big selection to choose from. Before you buy a make of brush, you need to understand more about your face. You need to know the structure of your face and your skin type. Depending on that the shape, size and bristle length of your brush will vary.

Clean your brushes often

Since your make-up brushes are used for picking all the dirt, oil and grime from your face, you need to clean them often. If you don't do that, when you use the brush the next time, it may deposit that dirt on your skin again. All you have to do is clean them. You don't have to buy new ones. You can wash your brush.

The cleaning method may be different depending on the type of brush. If you have a natural brush, you can clean it using soap and water. If you have a synthetic brush, you should use a hand sanitiser and not soap and water. If you need the brush immediately, you should clean it with a hand sanitiser because it will drive faster and all the germs will be killed at the same time.

Don't soak your brushes

A good brush will cost you and so consider it as an investment. Like a good investment, you also need to take care of your brushes. Never soak your brushes in water. Why not? If you soak your water, it may loosen the glue and it may also destroyed a wooden handle. To clean your brush, you can place it gently under running water.

Bristle length is very important

While buying your brush, you need to check the bristle length. If the bristle is longer, the application and coverage will be softer. If you want more intense and matte coverage, you should get a brush with shorter bristles. Softer bristles will also provide you with heavier applications.

Natural hair brushes

Even though natural hair brushes are more expensive in comparison to synthetic brushes, but you should probably make the investment because they are better for you. Synthetic brushes are more used for covering up imperfections or dark circles. But it will be difficult to blend using a synthetic brush since it cannot offer you the smooth and perfect skin look. Natural hair brushes are the best for blending and they are also better for your skin. If you are sensitive to synthetic bristles or if you have sensitive skin, it is always better to use natural hair brushes and always avoid synthetic brushes.

Use one brush for foundation and concealer

It is possible to use the same brush for concealer and foundation. You need a brush because the brush will give you more coverage and smoother application. You cannot get that with your fingers. The same brush can be used for application of foundation and concealer. Just clean the brush after using it. Then you can use it for blending.

These are some of the very important tips that can help you to find the right make-up brush.


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