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Foods that help you to burn more fat

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The following foods can help you to burn more fat and so you should include them in your diet. This foods are easily available and you can include them in your meals or snacks. Your diet is very important in your efforts to burn more fat and lose weight. So, start adding the following foods to your diet today, so that you can burn more calories and become better looking.


Low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D. They help you in preserving and building muscles and you need muscles for a better metabolism. So, you need to include more low-fat dairy products in your diet to burn more fat quickly. Different types of such low-fat dairy products are available easily in different stores and you can store them in your refrigerator.

Whole grains

Whole grains are good for you when you are trying to burn more fat because you need more calories to break down whole foods. If your food has high fibre, for example oatmeal and brown rice, you will eat more calories to break them down. When you spend more calories, it will help you to burn more fat. That is why, you need whole grains and foods in your diet and reduce amount of processed foods. Depending on your food choice and habits, you can and whole grains to make different types of dishes. Make sure to get your whole grains from a good source.

Green tea

Green tea is very popular among people who wants to lose weight and burn more fat. If you drink four cups of green tea every day, it will help you to drop 6 pounds in eight weeks. EGCG is a compound present in the tea that can increase your metabolism once you drink that. You can also drink iced tea to increase your metabolism. Organic green tea can help you more to burn more calories and at the same time avoid the harmful chemicals that may get into your cup of tea.

Lean meats

Protein is essential for you when you are trying to burn more fat as because it has a high thermogenic effect. When you eat lean meat, you burn 30% of the calories it contains during digestion. So if you need to digest a chicken breast containing 300 calories, then you will need 90 calories to break it down. So, instead of red meat, you can always eat lean meats which are available from different sources. Also ensure to limit your portion sizes so as not to overeat.


Lentils are not very well-known as a fat burning food but it offers real benefits to you. One cup of lentil has 35% of your daily iron needs. We generally are iron deficient. If you are iron deficient, your metabolism may slow down because your body may not be working efficiently due to lack of a specific nutrient. That's why you need lentils in your daily diet. Lentils also offer you protein which can help you in your goal to lose more weight by burning more fat.

Hot peppers

Hot peepers contain capsaicin. It is a compound that can heat up your body and thereby make you burn more calories. You can eat hot peppers raw, add them to other dishes, cook them, and eat them dried or powdered. Adding hot sauce to your different snacks and dishes can help you to actually burn more calories and increase your metabolism.

These of the common foods available easily in your nearby markets and stores. All you have to do is find a place for them in your diet.


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