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Easy ways to flatten your belly



1. Find some time for cardio

Even though people believe that too much cardio may not help you to burn more fat and flatten your belly, cardio do help you to get a flat belly. Aerobic exercises the most effective exercise in burning visceral belly fat. It can burn 67% more calories in comparison to resistance training. So, why not use this simple but effective fat burning method to get a flat belly?

2. Stop the soda habit

The bubbles from carbonated drinks like a bottle of soda will get together in your belly and will cause several health problems for you including bloating. Instead of soda you can try a flat belly diet staple beverage or even a plain glass of water. Soda will also add more calories to your body and to get them away from your body, you will need to exercise more. Probably you don't want to do that. So, its very simple- stops your soda habit.

3. Clean your house

When you cleaning your house, you are performing different types of movements, which can help you in some unexpected ways. It can help you to burn fat and get a flat belly. Specially, vacuuming is a great abs workout. When you are pushing back and forth the vacuum nozzle, tighten your abdominal muscles. This little change in your way of cleaning your house can help you with your abs exercise, which will definitely help you to get a flat belly depending on the frequency and intensity of your training.

4. Eat avocado

Avocado is a good for you when you are trying to get a flat belly. If you eat half an avocado, it will give your body 10 grams of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids). It is beneficial for your body because it can stop blood sugar spikes. Such spikes instruct your body to store fat around your belly. Eating avocado regularly will help you to away belly fat. Make sure it is an important part of your diet.

5. Add more fibre to your diet

When you eat more fibre, you are likely to eat less fat, which means it will help you to get a flat belly by keeping fat away. For every 10 grams of fibre, your body will add 4% less fat. Bran flakes are good for you. Besides that, apples, pinto beans, broccoli, artichoke are also good sources of fibre for your body.

6. Drink more water

Drinking water has many health benefits and one them is to quench your thirst without adding too many calories to your body. Instead of drinking soda and other calorie laden drinks, you can always drink more and more water. It will also help you to flush bloat and other toxins from your body. So, it not only benefits you but will also keep you healthy and fit.

7. Eat fresh seafood

Fresh seafood can help you to get the necessary nutrient and at the same time lose the belly fat. Salmon and other fatty fish contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. It offers you lean protein with low calories. So, it becomes a natural choice for you as a protein source but without adding the extra calories, which otherwise you will need to burn later.

8. Sleep

If you sleep for seven hours or more, you are likely to lose twice as much fat than other people. You will also be less hungry in comparison to people who sleep for less than seven hours. Find ways to sleep better at night and get the required rest so that your body can help you to burn more fat and at less calories through your food.

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