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Why Is Fat Transfer Becoming So Popular In The Cosmetic Surgery World?

Fat Transfer Surgery with Dr Manoj Khanna

You look at photos of airbrushed models in magazines and desire their looks. It’s all just one big illusion most of the time. If you really want to strive for perfection you’ll need to turn to cosmetic procedures.

Perfection is obviously a gross exaggeration, but clinics can still work wonders these days. One of the big things people are beginning to talk more about is fat transfer, so we’re going to discuss it in a little more detail to help you understand what it’s all about.


What Fat Transfer Is And How It’s Performed


Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat Transfer Surgery with Dr Manoj Khanna

In case you couldn’t work it out from the name, it involves taking fat from one area of your body and placing it into another. The donor site where the fat originally comes from is the abdomen, and later on we’ll discuss a few places where it’s commonly placed. Let’s first look at how everything actually works.

The fat will first have to be harvested from a site the surgeon opts for. It will usually come from the abdomen, but taking the fat from your thighs is common too. You’ll be cut open although it’s completely painless because you’ll be under local anaesthetic. The fat will then be removed using liposuction before you’ll be ready for the next step.

Once the fat is out it will need to be carefully prepared before it’s ready to be reintroduced to your body. The fat injection will be carried out using small syringes, so once the surgeon has enough fat they’ll begin to fill them up. It’s also possible your fat cells might need to be purified, because you don’t want any with impurities affecting the final outcome.

Now you just have to lie back and wait until it’s over. When the area where the fat is going is prepared the surgeon will begin to deposit the fat cells inside your body using a needle or cannula. You should expect it to be inserted and withdrawn multiple times, because for the best results it will need to be deposited into your body until the desired result is achieved.


Current Fat Transfer Trends At The Moment

The most popular trend at the moment is breast augmentation surgery, because breast fat transfer is seen as a more natural alternative to implants. Although you (can’t go up as many cup sizes it’s still becoming more popular by the day. The procedure can also be carried out after you’ve had breast implants inserted into your body. This will usually depend on what the end result looks like and if fat transfer will be able to improve it.

Even if you don’t keep up with celebrity news you’ll know who Kim Kardashian is. You’ll also know she has the most famous butt in the world, and women have been flocking to get implants inserted for years ever since a huge rear end became cool. Lots of people still to have the procedure carried out don’t want to go down the implant route, so we’re seeing buttock augmentation by way of fat transfer slowly becoming a big trend too.

There are two more places in the body where fat grafting is being performed. Those two places are the hands and the face. When it comes to the hands you see it in women who aren’t fans of wrinkly skin. Insert some fat cells underneath them and the hands can be completely rejuvenated, because thanks to the added volume it hides veins and tendons.

The face is a tricky one because there are lots of areas the procedure can target. You’ll have probably guessed the most popular places already. The lips are trending because of celebs like Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner. Having fat placed into the cheeks is already being touted as the organic facelift, and you’ll hear more about it in the future.


The Numbers Keep On Increasing

Thousands of people are opting for fat transfer surgery every year, and it could possibly become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures by the end of the decade. A study carried out in the US tried to determine how fast fat grafting was growing.

They found over 85 percent of surgeons have used the procedure during facelifts, and the overall number is likely to be higher if we count all the procedures. It’s especially popular in Japan and has been around for a lot longer there, but it’s spreading around the world.