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Abs training mistakes you should avoid

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We want fantastic looking abs and six-packs but we do not know about many of the mistakes that people make while training to get flat abs. Let's find out and know more about some of the mistakes you should avoid while trying to get a flat belly.


Avoiding compound exercises

Instead of single exercises targeting only one muscle, you need more compound exercises to get flat, hard and defined abs. You do not need isolation ab exercises. When you're doing isolation ab exercises, you are making a big mistake. You need to focus more on the compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. They are essential for you because they engage each and every part of your core.

Training abs everyday

You do not need to train your abs every day. Your abs also have muscles just like any other muscles in the body. You should give some time to your abs muscles to recover. If you don't do that there may be some negative effects. After some hard training, your ab muscles also need some reprieve. You can train them every alternate day. When you continuously work on your ab muscles, after some time you'll notice that the crunch that you are doing is not as effective as it was previously. Give it some time and let the muscles recover before you train them again.

A full workout for your abs

If you are performing a full workout just for your abs, you are making a big mistake. You just need 15 minutes of your training time for your abs. When you perform compound exercises like deadlifts and squats, you are already working on your abs. Then you need just to 3 sets of abs exercises at the end of the training session. Do not make this mistake because it means you're overdoing something which may have some negative effects.

Performing ab exercises first

Why shouldn't you perform ab exercises first thing in your workout? It's because abs are part of your core area. If you exercise them early and them tire them, you will not be able to perform the important compound exercises which are essential for a better looking ab. Ab intensive exercises such as squats will need a fresh core so that you can perform them better. You can use the abs exercises at the end of your training session.

Form matters

When you're trying to get a flat ab and you are using different exercises to get the desired size and shape, probably most of the time you're not focusing on the form. Probably you are focusing more on the number of reps and sets. Abs are like other muscles present in your body. So when you are focusing on the form while doing squats and presses, why not also focus on the form when you are doing abs exercises. To make things easier, you can also choose those advance abs exercises which ensure that you master the form better to effectively complete the exercise.

Only crunches

Some people completely focus on only crunches and they eliminate all other abs exercises. Doing only crunches cannot help you in getting a flat belly. Instead of traditional crunch, there are different exercises available which are much more effective. Even a simple pike rollout on a fitness ball or any compound exercise that involves your core can be more effective than crunches. This is a very big and wrong idea most of the people trying for a flat ab have. Only crunches cannot help you to get a flat, hard and beautiful ab. You need more than that.

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