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How to stop ringing in ears

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Do you know how to stop ringing in ears? It is a problem that though not common but can be a very difficult problem to live with. Here, you will find out how to stop ringing in ears.


If you are suffering from chronic ringing in the ears, find out how to stop ringing in ears from the following tips-

Visit your doctor

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a condition that can be treated. It happens due to some underlying conditions. Your doctor can help you to get rid of this problem by removing earwax from your ear. You can do it yourself but you have to be very careful. When you remove the excess earwax, may get you relief from ringing in ears. Your doctor may also take a close look at the blood vessels. Sometimes, any disturbance in blood circulation may also result in tinnitus. If you are taking several medicines for different reasons, you should talk about them to your doctor. There may be some interactions of different medicines which may cause ringing in ears as side-effects.

Use medicines

Another solution to the question how to stop ringing in ears may be to use a medicines for the tinnitus symptoms. They may not be able to completely eliminate the problem but at least they can make the sound less, which will help you in a great way. Your doctor may prescribe tricyclic antidepressants, which are generally effective for severe tinnitus. However, you need to know that such medicines may have side effects. Your doctor may also prescribe Alprazolam (Xanax), which is effective in reducing the budging sound. However, it also has some side effects.

Use a noise suppression tactic

There are different noise suppression tactics available which can help you to find out how to stop ringing in ears. Your doctor may also help you to find such a tactic. You can use white noise machines. These machines produced some background sounds which are similar to sounds made by wind and rain. Such sounds well drown out the ringing problem. If you have dehumidifiers, fans, humidifiers or even air-conditioners, they may also work as white noise machines. There are some masking devices available which you can fit over your ears and they will mask your ringing sound with some white noise. You can also use hearing aids. Hearing aids are more effective for you only if you are also having hearing problems.

Reduce your stress

Stress and anxiety can cause an aggravate tinnitus. To avoid such problems, try different ways to reduce your stress and anxiety. There are several ways to do that and you can choose one according to your liking. You can start exercising, which will also help you physically. You can start meditation to find inner peace and reduce stress. You can also take up massage therapy which really helps you by removing your stress.

Avoid some situations

If you want to know how to stop ringing in ears, you need to know that is always better to avoid some situations. Avoid those situations where there may be damaged to cochlea, which can ultimately result in tinnitus. It is always better to avoid such intuitions because they can also make your symptoms worse. You should always avoid loud noises such as consults, traffic, aeroplanes, construction work, fireworks, gunshots and other such noises. While swimming, it should be careful because water and chlorine, if they're stuck in the inner ear, can aggravate tinnitus. You can always wear earplugs when you swim to avoid such possibilities.

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