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How to stop hair loss in men

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You know how to stop hair loss in men it can be easier for you to stop this annoying and difficult problem. There are different ways to fight hair loss and stop losing more and more hair. We'll talk about such few hair loss reduction tips below-

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Add vitamins to your diet

Vitamins can help you to stop hair loss. Vitamins are not only good for your health, but they can also help you in improving your hair health. Especially, vitamin A is good for your hair because it increases the production of sebum in your scalp. Another vitamin, vitamin E improves circulation of blood in the scalp, which is beneficial in keeping hair follicles productive. Vitamin B is good for you because it helps you in keeping the healthy colour of your hair.

Add more protein to your diet

Proteins are good for your hair health. It is another answer to the question how to stop hair loss in men. For improving hair health and to stop hair loss, you can add more protein to your diet. The protein may come from different protein sources such as lean meats, soy, fish and other protein sources.


Hair massage is another way of stopping hair loss. If you regularly massage your hair, it increases the hair health and thereby reduces hair loss. You can massage your scalp with essential oils. You only need to massage for just a few minutes. How does massage help? It activates your hair follicles and keep them active for a longer duration. You can use almond, sesame or coconut oil to massage your scalp. You can also add lavender in the oil. Some experts advise the use of lukewarm oils and they believe that it offers more benefit than cold oils.

Don't brush your wet hair

If you want to know how to stop hair loss in men, this is a very important tip. You should never brush your hair when it's wet. You should always remember it because it is really dangerous to brush your hair when it's wet. When it's wet, your hair is in the weakest form. If you brush at the condition, there will be more hair loss and breakage. If you in need to brush your hair when it's wet, use a wide toothed comb. It is also advisable that you do not brush your hair too frequently. If there are tangles, you can use your fingers to remove them. When you brush too frequently, you are injuring your hair and the possibility of loss increases.

Drink more water

Drinking more water not only has health benefits but it is also good for your hair health. If you want to know how to stop hair loss in men, this is one point that you need to know. Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated. The hair shaft consist of one quarter water and that is why you need to keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink at least 4 to 8 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself hydrated. It will also help in hair growth and will keep your hair healthy.

Stop drinking and smoking

Alcoholic beverages can increase your hair loss because they can reduce hair growth. If you want to grow your hair better and also avoid the already ongoing hair loss, you will need to cut down your alcohol intake.

Smoking cigarette is bad for your hair health because it reduces the blood flow to your scalp. With reduced blood flow, hair growth will also be reduced as a result there will be less hair production and more hair loss.


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