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How to increase breast milk production

Do you know how to increase breast milk production? It is a very important information especially for new parents. Knowing how to increase breast milk production will help you in real life situations.

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There are different ways of how to increase breast milk production. The size of the breasts doesn’t matter much because all sizes are capable of making the necessary milk.

Avoid feeding routines

You do not need to follow any routine when you are breastfeeding. Whenever your baby wants to eat, and then only allow it to eat. If you find out the hunger signals, it’ll be easier for you to feed your baby before it starts crying. If you’re not sure what your baby wants at the moment, even then you can offer the breast. Since the supply depends on the demand, the more you allow your baby to feed, the more will be the supply.

Pump after feeding

After feeding your baby, you can start pumping routine. It will help you to increase the supply. Even if you’re staying at home, you can still use pumps to increase breast milk production. The milk pumped out can also be fed to your baby at a time when you are not available.

Do not use pacifiers and others

Stop using pacifiers, dummies, nipple shields and bottles because they will reduce your breast milk production. Your nipples should be stimulated more and the baby should be on the breast more if you really want to increase the production of milk.

Take care of the latch

Proper latching is very important. How do you know if your baby is properly latched? If it is latched on properly, the nipple and the areola will be in the mouth and you will see the tongue of the baby over her gums. The lips of the baby will also be flared open. If your latch is not fine, you will feel pain while nursing.

How to increase breast milk production with a good latching? Tickle the baby’s mouth with your nipples and once she opens her mouth wider, you will need to slide your nipple and areola in her mouth. It will help you to get a good latch. Only when latching is good, the baby will be able to drain the milk from the breast.

Change sides

When you are nursing your baby, it is important to let the baby drink from both the breasts. How do you know when to change sides? Your baby will give you the hint. Whenever it starts to fall asleep, loses interest or starts come sucking, you should immediately change sides and take the baby to the other breast. Let your baby brain both the breasts. Doing this will stimulate both the breasts and it will increase breast milk production.

A healthy balanced diet

When you are nursing, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet. You will need loss of nutritious foods because only that will help you in producing enough breast milk. You will need more calories in comparison to a non-breastfeeding woman. Do not start a diet, unless specifically advised by your doctor. Even though you need more calories, but that does not mean eating more and more calorie rich burgers and fries and such junk foods. Means you need nutrition and calorie together from your food. You should add more leafy vegetables, good fats from its like avocado, eggs, salmon etc., fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds and protein.

Drink more water

If you’re not drinking lots of water while breastfeeding, your body will suffer and it will show up in different forms, like constipation, anal fissures, haemorrhoids etc. Not drink King and enough water will also create other issues like loss of energy and focus.