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How to control diabetes

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People with diabetes know how important it is to know how to control diabetes. When you know how to control diabetes, you'll be able to control it and prevent any further damage or health issues. How to control diabetes, you need to know the following.


Learn about diabetes

Before you control diabetes, you need to learn everything possible about. Then only you will know what is good for you and what is bad when you have diabetes. You need to know that there are three types of diabetes- type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. You need to understand which type of diabetes you have. Different types of diabetes will need different types of care, avoidance of different types of food, medicines, exercises and control.

Take diabetes seriously

Diabetes is a serious problem and you should understand that. And that is why, you need to manage it because otherwise it will create further complications for your health and even may kill you. When people say my sugar is little high, which shows that there are not very serious about the disease. Don't do that. You need to eat healthy food, maintain your weight, exercise every day and take the medicines when you have this problem. You can control it but for that you need to take it seriously.

Eat well

To control your diabetes, you will need to watch your food. You will need to exclude some foods and include some others. To start with, make a diabetes meal plan. You can take help from your doctor in making the plan. You will need to include foods that have lower calories, sugar, trans fat, salt and saturated fat. Foods high in fibre are good for you. Such foods include whole grain cereals, crackers, breads, pasta, rice etc. you also need to drink more water instead of soda and juice. Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, low-fat or skim milk and cheese, bread and cereals should be included in your diet. Anything with high calorie and sugar should be avoided at any point of time. Half of your diet should be vegetables and fruits and the rest half should contain proteins and grains. You also need to reduce portion sizes. In case of whole grains, you can include brown rice or whole wheat pasta. As protein sources, you can include chicken or turkey and beans among others.


If you try to understand how to control diabetes, you will find that exercise is a very important part. If you are diabetic, you will need to exercise regularly. Even if you were not active before, you will need to be more active now. Plan and set goals to keep yourself active each and every day of the week. If you have not been very active, you can start very small by taking 10 minute walks. Initially, you can take a 10 minute walk three times every day. You can definitely join a gym and start working out seriously. Stretching, yoga, bodyweight workouts will also help you to exercise different parts of your body and help you control diabetes. If you are into gardening, you can start heavy gardening which includes digging and planting because it will also work as workouts and will keep you in good shape. You will need to keep your body weight within a limit and for that exercise and meal planning will help you.

Monitor your blood sugar

You will need to constantly monitor your blood sugar levels. It's okay to check it once or even more times in a day. You can discuss about your blood sugar levels with your doctor when you visit him or her.


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