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What Is The Hepatic Hydatid Cyst? Hydatid Cyst Symptoms


What Is The Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

Infestation occurs frequently in people who get in contact with dogs. The etiological agent is Taenia Echinococus which is a small parasite. The eggs accidently reach into the human small intestine aided by infested unwashed aliments, or by unwashed infested hands. The duodenal juice dissolves the eggs coating and releases the echinococus embryos that pass through the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream in the portal vein and finally reach the liver.

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

The majority (85%) are retained by the liver and establish here resulting the Hepatic Hydatid Cyst. The most frequent localization of the Hydatid Cyst is in the right hepatic lobe. The rest of 15% embryos get into the main blood stream and determine pulmonary hydatid cysts, spleen  hydatid cysts and in some cases even brain hydatid cysts.

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst

Symptoms of the Hydatid Hepatic Cyst

The Hydatid Hepatic Cyst symptoms are the loss of appetite, anorexia for fat aliments, nausea, vomiting, sensation of weight in the liver area, pain which radiates in the back or right shoulder. Rash may also occur so as anemia.

If the Cyst is situated in the superior hepatic regions the patient may experience dry cough, sensation of lack of air, pain that radiates in the right shoulder.

In evolution we note a progressive enlargement of the cyst, the patient feels sicker each day, total cachexia settles. The dimensions of the cyst may cause compression on the liver with sever latent hepatic insufficiency. The Hydatid Cyst can also rupture and determine an anaphylactic shock that is life threatening.

The only treatment is the surgical one and involves removal of the cyst.