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Is My Diet Making Me Unhealthy? 6 Food Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Your diet is probably orientated by what you read in the media, how much weight you always want to lose and what mood you’re in but there are certain food myths you might believe that aren’t actually correct when it comes to the facts they’re conveying. Here are six that you really shouldn’t believe:


1. Carbs make you fat

As diet companies try to encourage you to buy their products “ which are of course paired with special eating plans and exercise routines six times a week “ they’ll tell you carbs are the enemy. However, it’s time to throw this myth straight out the window. It’s not the carbs that cause weight gain, it’s the amount you eat and what you put on them; in fact you need carbs to lead a healthy diet as they are a good source of energy and fibre. Don’t deny yourself those bread rolls!



2. Fat makes you fat

Makes sense, right? Wrong. Fat is actually essential to a healthy diet, you just need to ensure you’re eating the right type. Yes a Big Mac isn’t going to do you any good, but an avocado also contains a lot of fat, is a fantastic source of vitamins and is great for a healthy heart and improving skin. Simply choose alternative foods when sourcing fat to include in your diet, it’s essential when it comes to ensuring your body can absorb vitamins and for boosting your energy.


3. Juicing your fruit and veg is the best way of getting your recommended five a day

Juicing is a trend that has picked up momentum over the past year, with celebrities swearing by green juices and smoothies for weight loss but this is a myth you shouldn’t believe. There’s a reason why, on Slimming World, people must count a mashed up banana as a ‘syn’ – when fruit is blended or mashed it releases all its sugar, making it bad for your teeth and your waistline.


4. You can eat as much fat free food as you like

What fat free food lacks in fat, it makes up in sugar to hold onto some notion of flavour. Try to avoid it at all costs and enjoy full fat foods, but in smaller portions.


5. Meat is the only way to get protein

Protein can be found in pretty much everything, and while avid meat eaters will try to convince that you can’t get ‘whole proteins‘ from anything else they need to go back and check their facts because beans and pulses are excellent alternatives or additions to your meals when trying to get more protein in your diet.


6. Eggs raise your cholesterol

While it’s true eggs have a high cholesterol content, they do not have any impact on cholesterol in the blood so are safe to consume. Eggs are not only delicious they’re also a great source of protein as well as Vitamin B2 and the whites are rich with Vitamin D, selenium, B12 and B6.


When it comes to tackling food myths, remember what you can and can’t eat changes on a daily basis. It’s simply a good idea to take inspiration from those food publications you enjoy with your magazine subscriptions UK, have a naughty treat every now and then, take up plenty of exercise and remember to eat everything in moderation.