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15 Companies Vie to Open Marijuana Dispensary Locations in CT

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Connecticut is allowing three medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the state. There have been 15 applicants and 19 proposed sites submitted so far.

There are fifteen applicants that have applied to open up marijuana dispensary locations in Connecticut. The state is currently only allowing three of the fifteen applicants to open up one location each.

One of the applicants is an affiliate company of one of the state’s producers of medical marijuana. Currently, there are only 4 products allowed in the state.

The applicant, Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC, has applied to open up a dispensary in one of two locations: Milford or New Haven. Prime locations where it’s currently hard to find a marijuana dispensary, Connecticut has a growing number of patients that are seeking marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The president of the company, Thomas Schultz, made a statement saying that “the company wants to bring its scientific workings closer to clinical applications.” A company that develops products for patients, a dispensary makes sense for the brand. Producers normally do not have direct contact with the patients that need their cannabis, and if approved, it would allow the company to gather feedback and scientific data.

There have been 19 total locations proposed for new dispensaries in the state.

According to current documentation, Connecticut has six current dispensaries and is attempting to add 3 new locations in the state. There have been no official statements made as to whether all three locations will be approved, or if only 1 or 2 locations will be allowed.

There is a demand to add new locations, and the deadline to submit applications ended on September 25th.

All of the applicants along with their business addresses was released on Friday by the Department of Consumer Protection. The agency did not release any of the proposed locations as of yet.

Claudette Carveth, a spokesperson for consumer protection, reaffirms that the selection process will remain thorough in an attempt to protect the fairness of the process and the integrity of the agency. Carveth asserts that the agency will not release any further information until their review has been completed.

The six licensed dispensaries in the state can be found in: Bristol, Branford, Hartford, Bethel, Uncasville and South Windsor. New Haven County would be a smart choice for a new location as the only dispensary in the entire county is located in Branford. Fairfield County also has just one dispensary.

Other applicants include Angelo DeFazio, who is the current owner of one dispensary in Hartford and is attempting to expand his operation and
dispensary menu.