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10 tips for relief from restless leg syndrome

1. Move

To get rid of restless leg syndrome, you need to perform easy to moderate exercise. However, do not engage in excessive exercise where you sweat profusely and need to use your muscles, because it may actually aggravate the symptoms. Simple weight training or a brisk walk may be good for getting relief from restless legs syndrome.

2. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated can help you to get relief from restless legs syndrome. If you suffer from dehydration, the problem may be aggravated. Avoid too much caffeine, nighttime alcohol intake and other such diuretics. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep yourself properly hydrated and to avoid the possible restless leg syndrome problem.

3. Reduce caffeine intake

if you drink too much of coffee, energy drinks, tea, sodas, chocolate or some of the sports supplements, you are taking in lots of caffeine into your body. That may cause or aggravate restless leg syndrome. It is better to avoid these substances, specially after noon.

4. Eliminate stress

If you suffer from high levels of daily stress, it can result in headaches, shoulder tightness, neck pain and restless legs syndrome. There are different ways to reduce stress and you can follow them to reduce and eliminate stress from your life. Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises are some of the easily available and useful stress busters.

5. Hot cold contrast therapy

Hot cold contrast therapy is beneficial for you if you’re suffering from restless legs syndrome because it increases flow of blood to your legs. Few hours before you go to bed, you can shower for five minutes. In the shower, alternate 20 seconds of cold water with 10 seconds of warm water. After doing that, you need to shower with warm water for a few more minutes so as to relax the nervous system.

6. Stretch

Tight muscles can cause restless legs and it is possible for you to eliminate that by simple stretching. Besides deep tissue massage, you also need to do a little bit of stretch in the morning. You can also try some short yoga sessions. Stretching your feet and calves will help you to fight restless leg syndrome by softening the muscle and the fascia or the muscle connective tissue.

7. Go for alternative therapies

There are different alternative therapies available for restless leg syndrome. You can try acupuncture because it will help you get relief from the symptoms. Deep tissue massage is another therapy that can probably help you. It helps your lower body, legs and hips. You can also try an acupuncture mat or a foam roller.

8. Wear compression clothing

There are different types of compression socks available. There are available in full leg or calf length. You can also get them in your local medical store. You can pull them on before bed and you will find that the cramping has reduced.

9. Sleep routine

Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous for people suffering from restless legs syndrome. It may also be a symptom of the same problem. You need to maintain a sleep schedule or routine to avoid possible causation or aggravation. Go to sleep at the same time every night and also try to get up at the same time every morning.

10. Increase electrolyte intake

Cramping can result from chronic depression of some of the important minerals in your body. These minerals include iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other 80 minerals necessary for proper muscle function and relaxation. You can always use some natural electrolyte and mineral sources. Fruits and vegetables, mineral rich soil, iron rich foods, Himalayan sea salts, mineral enriched water are some of the natural electrolyte and mineral sources.


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