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Centered Consciousness

The meaning of the term “Center of Consciousness” can be understood as the core of our being. It is the very existence of our nature that depicts the truest and deepest nature.

This may also be thought of as a Soul or a Spirit or Self may be known by any other name which is preferred by the person. Two most commonly used words are for soul

Consciousness is “Atmaa,” which means true Self, or “Purusha” which means pure consciousness.




What meditation does for you is systematically obliterate all the clutter which cluds over the Center of Consciousness, so that you can experience the deepest aspect of your being. Meditation has the ability to free us from all pain, suffering and misery.


Everyone has their own concepts to understand this Center of Consciousness and it is okay as it is a subject that is beyond the limits of conceptualization. Whatever the name that we use for this center of consciousness in our spirit is of little significance as the only significant thing is the benefit derived from it.


The center of consciousness is similar to a light under several shades or coverings. Just like a light bulb that has a lampshade over it gets its character from the kind and nature of lampshade over it and determines the kind of light thrown into the room. It is a fact that the essence of the light remains unchanged despite the nature of the lampshade.


Now imagining that the light bulb has several lampshades filtering its light instead of just one might be difficult but it is the truth of human nature. Every lampshade adds a new and different layer of veil and they all work together to change the color and density of the light.



The laws of meditation say that humans are designed in the exact same way. We too are a lot like light bulbs (soul consciousness) with so many layers and veils just like lampshades. The lampshades, or sheaths so mentioned are called “koshas.”


There are 5 KOSHAS according to meditation experts and they are:


  • Annamaya kosha = That is the physical body
  • Pranamaya kosha = That means the energy; life
  • Manomaya kosha = That means the mind or the sensory motors
  • Vijnanamaya kosha = That is the intellectual level, the sense of knowing
  • Anandamaya kosha = This is the stillness of mind, thoughts and pure bliss



In order to gradually know ourselves at each of these levels, we need to be more aware and have to move past all the layers or sheaths or koshas, and build our center of consciousness.


The Age Old Theory Of Painting The Canvas Called ‘Self’


The ancients believed that the act painting on a Canvas could be a map to carve a route to return to experiencing of our “True Self.” Our “True Self” or true nature is hidden just behind the Canvas, on which we have painted infinite images and countless identities.


We only come across our true self that we seek, underneath all the other layers;



  • Truth lies below our external and superficial world and conscious thoughts.
  • Truth is beyond our unconscious thought process and subtle realm.
  • Truth is hidden underneath “Sanskaras” that make us the individual we are.
  • Truth is believed to be under the Canvas of creation itself.


The only way to get to your soul consciousness or your spirit is to pierce through all those layers of superficial characters and sheaths that hide our true and deep nature and has made us into the false beings that we are today.