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Protein Shakes: How to Use Them


Protein shakes are an extremely popular supplement used in many weight loss and muscle building programs. However, these supplements can be more damaging than helpful if used incorrectly.

In order to make the most use of protein shakes, you will need to learn more about them and understand the effect they have on your body.

What Protein Shakes Are NOT

Many people seem to misunderstand the very nature of this supplement because of its muscle building properties. However, it's essential that you see the difference between protein shakes and steroids.


Steroids are chemProtein Shakesicals that influence your hormones changing the bio-chemical reactions within your body. They force the tissues to change in an unnatural way. This is why there are so many side effects to steroids. Hormonal disorders and cancer are only a few of the dreadful consequences of indulging this artificial muscle builder.

Protein shakes are a completely different kind of supplement, even despite the fact that they are supposed to help you achieve the same results. They usually consist of milk, soy, eggs, rice, hemp, and whey protein. Neither of these elements is in any way dangerous.

Studies show that if used correctly, protein shakes are a great addition to your diet. They are purely nutritional, and therefore, completely harmless. It's the misuse of this kind of supplement that causes some people to believe them to be dangerous.

How One Should Take Protein Shakes

First of all, you must understand that, though nutritious, protein shakes cannot replace a full meal. This means that they can only be used as an addition to your diet.

According to the studies conducted by major institutes that specialize in research of food and diets, protein shakes can be extremely efficient for body building, because they provide you with materials necessary for growing muscle. However, the supplement itself doesn't contain all the elements necessary for a well-balanced meal. Therefore, it will be detrimental for your health to try using them as a substitute for breakfast.

It's also important that you don't overindulge in protein shakes. They can be taken daily, but there is only any actual need in them on your workout days. In regards to time, these supplements should be taken as follows:

  • First thing in the morning
    When you sleep, your body starves. Of course, going without food during the night is completely natural, but still you don't get any nutrients during this time, so your body weakens.
    Starting your day with a protein shake will ensure that you have the energy to continue with your morning routine.
  • Immediately after a workout session
    During workouts your muscles literally soak up all the nutrients they can get. Taking the shake immediately after the exercise will replenish your protein stores and provide the body with more muscle building material.

How to Enjoy Protein Shakes

There is a great variety of protein powders available on the market. You will need to choose the one that will be the most effective considering your personal routine and metabolism rate. You also should pay attention to the quality of the powder you purchase, because supplements aren't controlled by the FDA. Thus, you cannot be sure whether the actual content of the jar corresponds with the list of ingredients.

Bear in mind that digesting protein takes time. Whey protein will turn into amino acids the fastest, so it's best to include it into your shake. Casein (milk protein) and albumin (egg protein) will be a good addition, because they take longer to digest. Therefore, they will provide your body with the necessary muscle building elements for several hours in a row.

Remember, protein shakes are a supplement. They can only be used in order to complement your diet. An attempt to replace a full meal with a shake will put your health at risk.

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