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Sources of Substance Abuse


Substance abuse has become a prevalent mental and health problems in today’s world. While drugs are created mainly for treating diseases and medical conditions they have become a subject of abuse by the consumers. People now see some medicines as recreational drugs and are taking them more than what is prescribed which consequently with resulting adverse effect to health. Drugs that are considered to be harmful and are subject to substance abuse are banned in the market already while others remain in the market as prescription medicines. Marijuana and cocaine are perhaps the most common forms of substance abuse that people know of but there are also other sources of drug abuse that can be as dangerous as the effects of these drugs and can develop extreme dependency on the people who are using it.


Anabolic steroids


This type of steroid is popular among bodybuilders  and athletes. It is made up of compounds that are effective in building strong muscles but when taken beyond the normal dose anabolic steroids can cause dependency and side effects. People known to become dependent in using this type of steroid manifest paranoia, behavioral problems and aggressive personality. In extreme cases, organ failure may result when the same is taken beyond the normal dose in the long-term. The anabolic steroid is prescribed for the treatment of hormone deficiency among males. When it is taken continuously however it reduces the body’s tolerance to the drug causing the person to experience changes in behavior and erratic mood.

Alcoholic beverages

While alcoholic drinks have become a part of the norm of socialization, when taken in excessive amount they can lead to dependency. Drinking moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages is not dangerous however doctors caution that extreme amounts of alcohol in the body can make the body system dependent on alcohol and can produce symptoms that will induce a person to take more alcoholic drinks in order to maintain the alcohol level that the body has become used to. Adverse effects of this kind of substance abuse can take a toll on the individual’s personal, social and family responsibilities. Pregnant women who are alcohol dependent are at risk of giving a premature birth or the development of fetal deformity.


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Amphetamines is the active ingredient found in the illegal drugs like the methamphetamine and is now off the shelf as an over-the-counter medicine because of its adverse effect to the mind and body when taken beyond its prescribed dose. Its side effects can be fatal and can lead to a life threatening condition and even death. Medicines with the ingredients of methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine contain some safe dosage of amphetamine and must be taken exactly as the prescribed dose in order to prevent the development of substance dependency on it.




More popularly known as marijuana, cannabis is another source of a substance abuse with the resulting symptoms of paranoia, addiction and dependency. In some states, cannabis is legal and viewed to provide promising medical breakthroughs that can cure chronic disorders. However, cannabis remains to have a high potential of causing drug dependency when it is taken in higher doses.


Inhalants can also a source of substance abuse and dependency. Household products like bleach, spray paints, glues and ammonia contain inhalants and can be potentially harmful to the body upon prolonged exposure to the chemical. It has the potential of causing brain damage as well as the occurrence of symptoms like euphoria, slurred speech, and hallucinations. There are special classes of inhalants like nitrites that are often abused as a substance used to enhance sexuality and performance. The use of substance abuse in this manner potentially increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.

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