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Importance of pre and post workout nutrition


There are many people across the world that have made New Year's resolutions to get fit and healthy during this year. Many are starting new exercise regimes, seeking a specific way that they want to look and feel. Sometimes we get so focused on the workout itself, we often forget the most important part of the workout itself. The most important part of your workout is what you put into your body both before and after your workout to ensure that you fully benefit from your exercise efforts.

We all know that we need to maintain a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients in our bodies for them to function correctly. But if our bodies are in balance where the entire day is concerned, why do we need to make sure that the meals that surround our workout are completely balanced as well? The answer is simple, what we eat before and after our workouts help our bodies cope.

Why nutrition is important?

We all remember our parents say the phrase, You are what you eat. When we are preparing our bodies for a workout, we need to make sure that part of that pre workout routine has food in it too. Food is the fuel for our bodies. When we workout we burn a lot of calories. This is why it is absolutely crucial to eat before you work out. By eating right before your workout, you will be able to work out for longer. You will minimize blood sugar crashes and causing damage to your body, just by eating.

After we workout, we tend to head for whatever food is the closest to us. Fueled by a hungry body, we head for the food without carefully considering what it will need to repair itself. We want our bodies to build, yet we often do not give it the proper nutrients to do so. By eating a post workout snack, we help our bodies recover, restore, and renew itself.

Protein for the muscles

It is understood that you should make sure to get plenty of protein both before and after your workout. Proteins are the building blocks to our muscles. If you don't have the building blocks you can't build the muscle cells. How is your workout going to work if your muscles are not getting the nutrients that they so desperately need?

Foods for energy

As we can see, they pre and post workout meals are absolutely crucial to ensuring that you get the most out of your workout routine. By properly fueling your body with your pre workout, you are reducing the amount that your muscles break down the proteins within them. You are protecting your body from feeling those nasty post workout cortisol level spikes. These are effective ways to help us not only make us make the most out of the workout, but reduce the stresses that can last for days after. Why put extra stress on your body that you need to.

The following are some examples of foods that are critical for the human body before and after exercise.

Your body needs carbohydrates to fuel itself, so always pick healthy sources instead of buns and white breads. Whole grain products give you more stamina and are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B that give you a quick surge of energy.

  •  Fruits

Fruits are ideal forms of snacks and pre and post workout nutrition. Fresh fruits are rich in fiber, which is required to metabolize carbs gradually so that energy produced last for long periods.

  • Lean meats

Rich in iron, lean meats are excellent sources of instant, long-lasting energy. The iron prevents weakness and fatigue and the proteins help in muscle restoration.

  • Water

Water regulates the body temperature and promotes digestion. It prevents fatigue, dehydration and weakness during exercise and also speeds up metabolism.

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pre and post workout nutrition

pre and post workout nutrition