Nokia Will Reveal Two Windows Phone 8 Devices Next Month

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    Nokia Will Reveal Two Windows Phone 8 Devices Next Month

    Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

    The Microsoft company will probably finish its Windows Phone 8 software sometime in the middle of September, and different sources state that concomitantly Nokia will also reveal its next generation of smart devices. The WPDang Chinese website has reported for the first time that the Nokia company will reveal not one but two new Windows Phone 8 Lumia handsets, on September 5th. On the other hand, anyone who knows a little thing or two about the smart phone market will think that Nokia will announce their next generation of Windows 8 phones at the Nokia World event that will take place no sooner than next month.

    While the actually release date and the start of shipment of any Windows 8 smart devices only depends on Microsoft’s own schedule, an event that will throw it in for the market before the rumored iPhone 5 will definitely win it some potential buyers. Because the new generation of Apple iPhone is rumored to be announced on September 12th, Nokia does not have very much time to spare, and will probably lack the hardware support to counter any Apple moves that will certainly equip their next generation of smartphones with  breathtaking pieces of hardware.

    To sum it up, the Nokia company is the host of an event based on invitation only in Helsinky, between September 5th and September 6th, for its retail partners and operators. This event may be our first chance to see any specs of the new hardware and let us hope that the supposedly two Lumia phones will be available to purchase for the next Holiday buying season.


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